Hmm.. Very PINTERESTing.

I found this quote on Pinterest (could not locate a clear source) and it really sums up so much! 

Seriously, though. I have learned so much from Pinterest (or rather, people that 'pin' things) and I keep meaning to do a "Pinterest Post" so I just had to make myself before I forget everything I wanted to share! Nearly every new recipe I have tried in the past year has come from Pinterest. Every SINGLE craft project has. And most of my style advice. Ok, all of my style advice. I haven't yet found a pin on "how to wear yoga pants for 6 days out of the week and appear that you dressed up." I kid, I kid! I only wear them a *few days out of the week. 

Okay so, recipes first! I am going to try my hardest to site the original location. Because, if college taught me nothing else, it taught me to be mortally afraid of being guilty of accidental plagiarism. 

Favorite Healthy Recipes:

(If you make Taco Soup, I HIGHLY recommend trying it with a little of this on top. It's a whole other level of YUM.

 Also, from OBB... Mango Quinoa Salad. I've even tried it with a peach instead of Mango. 
Amazing Spring/Summer lunch idea and it just gets better the next day. 

Wonderful, colorful side dish or healthy lunch. (SkinnyTaste)

This was one of the first things I ever pinned. Yum. 

Makes a great lunch or even dinner with fruit or salad. And if you're on WW, only 3pointsplus. This entire site is amazing for WW users. And all the recipes are made with judicious amounts of REAL ingredients. I love that. (SkinnyTaste)

I love the ease of this recipe. Delicious, Healthy and Fresh! 

Looking for more Healthy recipes? Here's my board with a few more I
 have either tried or would like to.

Okay, for a a little bit of levity. Here are a few "not so healthy recipes." 
Come on, you new it was coming. 

Quite possibly the only dessert that I cannot be left alone in the house with. Make them when you are taking half of them somewhere. At least half. (Lulu the Baker)

This is actually not really unhealthy. But since you leave the skin on the chicken... :) So good, though. We made it with roasted veg.  (Smitten Kitchen)

Great breakfast for overnight guests! (Picky Palate)

Also, try these
They really do take 30 minutes from start to finish and the dough even makes great Cinnamon Rolls. 

And for the Grand Finale of Food... Homemade Chocolate Pudding (which is worlds better than a box and has no artificial anything in it. Really, I recently noticed blue and red dye in instant chocolate pudding. Strange.) Make this for your kids... they'll love ya forever. :)

There have been MANY more recipes I have tried and loved and really only a handful I wouldn't make again. I guess I will have to do another post on Pinterest-y tips and crafts!!

What is your FAVORITE Pinterest FOOD FIND?!?!? 

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Alyson and Ian said...

Mmm - the mango quinoa salad is YUMMY. I had never had quinoa or mango before that recipe. (Sad, huh?) My current Pinterest favorite is a shrimp scampi recipe. It is SO EASY and hands down, the most delicious shrimp dish I've had in a VERY long time. Unfortunately it involves a stick of butter, so it's not the most healthy dish, but I'm sure with extra portions of veggies that meal it is TOTALLY worth it. :)