Lucy's Performance Debut

         Lucy has been in ballet lessons since August of last year. To say she loves it would be an understatement. One thing we have enjoyed is that they do a large performance every year, and ALL the dancers--even the littles-- have a part. Lucy (being 3) was a cherub and had a small *adorable* part in this performance of the 28th Annual Roar of Love. (Yes, they have been performing this for 28 consecutive years!!!)  The Roar of Love is a beautiful and evangelical ballet, based on Lewis' The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. She loved every minute of it and we are so thankful for CCB!

My camera was being quite flaky the night of the dress rehearsal so the pictures of the performance are few. We did get a couple but the night of the performance was completely different to watch. We were so proud of her, and yes, I will admit we both (Sorry, Lance!) cried. I am THAT mom. If she continues in ballet here, I'm sure I will cry next year when she's a firefly too. Regardless of the fact that I don't have many pictures, I will never forget the feeling of watching her "flit" out on stage. At the end of the performance, the cherubs were led out on stage for the curtain call and when Lucy walked out, her jaw dropped to see the 100+ dancers behind her. Then the cherubs were supposed to hold hands and Lucy kept breaking free so she could curtsy properly. She was hilarious.

 She told me I was "very helpful" when I put her makeup on. Ha!

 Here's a shot from dress rehearsal-- there was of course no flash photography during the ballet.

 The Cherub and Her Daddy after Dress Rehearsal

 So Exciting!!!

Daddy brought her pink Roses--she was thrilled!

 Lucy excitedly relaying the details to Nana and Grammy

  The Dancer and Her Grandparents!!!

 Post Performance Cupcakes!!!!

Little Sister stayed at home with a sweet friend but enjoyed the "after party!"

And here she is, just before the performance with her makeup done... It felt so wrong putting makeup on THIS face. She loved it of course!


Tara said...

So fun Cynthia!!! Great job Lucy!

Alyson and Ian said...

Aw! I remember going to see that when I was a little girl! But it was at the Imperial Theater when we went. Was this at the Civic Center? Or "James Brown Arena"?How fun :)

Linda said...

I have a feeling dancing will continue to be in Lucy's future, creating many more precious memories! Love the picture of her relaying the details to her grandmothers...they are totally enthralled and her right hand "expression" is priceless!