Can you still take a blog break if you haven't blogged in a week?

Because I am.

We are headed out for a vacation tomorrow morning-- yippeeeeee!

(Just in case anyone is reading this and planning to rob us while we're gone, you should know that we rented our house for Master's Week and there will be at least FOUR burly men staying here. So don't even think about it, Mister.)

I am ecstatic with a Capital E.

Just the four of us, relaxing and chilling for a week!

There will be lots of reading..
(during naps of course!)
Lots of cooking and grilling...
Plenty of swimming and sand-castling...
Maybe a little shopping...
And just plain old family time!

I could NOT be happier. I love our little family of four and it's been quite awhile since we have had plenty of time together without pesky things like work and laundry interfering.

Speaking of Laundry, I don't even want to tell you how many loads I've done in the past few days.

You would be tired on my behalf. Seriously. Having four beds ready with changes of linens and towels to suit every one, WHOA.

But I'm really just so thankful to be able to have our house rented and go on vacation with my Handsome Husband and Two adorable kiddos.

Hopefully this little reprieve will produce someone who is ready to write again!

See you soon!

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