Laundry.. Loads and Loads of Fun??!?

So several weeks ago, ( a mere three days before we left our house and it was rented by several men I've never met before who were in town for the Master's Tournament) I found myself ankle deep in towels, sheets and Oh, yeah several loads of our essentials that had to be washed before our vacation.

Why was I ankle deep you ask? Well, partially because I waited until way too late to do said loads of towels.
But mainly, because our dear, still shiny Maytag washer that came into our family brand new two years ago, quit working. As in, quit. kaput. Dead-as-a-doornail. As in, OH MY GOODNESS THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING NOW.

Lucy entered the laundry room to find me bent over the washing machine in utter defeat, and asked me what was wrong. (She must have heard my deep, guttural moans of failure all the way in the other room.)

And because I am a firm believer in "where two are more are gathered..." I told her what was going on that we needed to pray for God to please fix it for us. She immediately dropped to her knees amongst the thread counts and prayed. Hands folded, chin earnestly pointed toward heaven, eyes screwed shut in sincere heartfelt supplication. We got up and I attempted another load. It worked like new. I kid you not.

Well, the next day she was at her Nana's house (where we would pick her up to go on vacation,) and the machine went out again. It stopped doing essential things like agitating, draining and spinning.

After many boring details which I will leave out, concerning me and a local laundromat-- we left on vacation and all was fine. Until we returned.

The service man which our Home Warranty service sent out was very helpful and tried to diagnose the problem, trouble was, it worked almost fine when he was there. But when he left, notsomuch. He has been out twice so far, and we have paid him our deductible, and his "best guess" (because that's going to fix my machine...) is that we have what is called, "an intermittent problem" Riiighht. That's code for, "Lady, you're crazy and you're making this all up." He said that he thinks a sensor is in the process of going out, and the company won't let him replace it until it does. MY question was, "BUT IT'S NOT WASHING MY CLOTHES!!!!" As I held up a towel which I placed in the washer with strategic spots of dirt on it, which came out with the same spots in the same place and OH YEAH IT WAS SOAKING WET ALSO.

It's not agitating. It's not spinning. It's not draining all the way.

So basically, I used to have a HE Washing Machine. Now, I have a washtub. It fills with water and then partially drains it out 43 minutes later.  That is all.

In an effort to help us, he advised me to do as many loads of laundry I could this weekend. In hopes that the sensor would go ahead and go out if it's going to.

Fun. honestly, I would wash every shred of cloth on our street to figure this thing out. HA!!!

It's been pretty comical how it only messes up when he's not here.

But only a little comical. Mostly, it just makes me want to pull my hair out and limit everyone in the family to one change of clothing a week.

#Firstworldproblems, huh?

Things to be thankful for:
Clothes to wash
Little People which get them dirty
a laundromat close by where no one has tried to sell me drugs
A sense of humor
A changed perspective in which I will NOT complain about laundry to do ever. again. :)


Just the 3 of us said...

things always work when the fixer man is there.. never fails... I hope they're able to figure it out. We had problems with ours flooding our laundry room everytime we used it. Thankfully our plumber fixed the problem :)

The White Family said...

Love your list of thankful! Come wash clothes at my house. We can watch our most precious gifts run around making more laundry dirty while you wash clothes!