Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumb kindly invite you over for BLT'S!!!

We Finally got something from our GARDEN!!!

Yes, blogging family, these are the first two tomatoes from the Stuckey Fletcher Farm! They were beautiful and red and smelled like a perfect summer day. I must rightfully give Lance nearly 99% of the credit for these little guys.. as he put in the daily watering and feeding hours.. and I merely looked impatiently out the window every afternoon for the first sign of growth. ahhh. how sweet it is to have tomatoes with no chance of Samonella. :) Although, we are still waiting on the other tomatoes to come in... Here's hopin'!


The Regina's said...

It's about time you updated this blog! lol
That is awesome about the tomatoes! :o) Was it yummy?

Conner Cutoff said...


nice toms!

Can you grow some money back there behind that apt?