And We're off!!!

A Few of the Reasons we happily drive 8 hours:

Well, Lance and I are taking off in just a few minutes to the sunny (and humid) state of Florida! We are taking the last opportunity in between his summer classes to go visit the Blythe side of the family. It has been several long months since we have had even a short visit with them so I am about to jump right out of my skin with excitement!!! We will only have a couple of days as Lance has anoth class beginning on Monday-- so it will be a weekend packed with fun and family and we will just try to maximize our family time as much as possible!! I cannot wait to see my parents and brothers and sister-in-laws and my nieces and nephews!!!! All the little ones will come to my parents house on the Fourth together and I cannot wait!!!! Okay for those of you who think I'm over-reacting--- just look at some of these faces!!! I don't have pictures of everyone at this computer but I will soon!!!! We will update when we return!!!
Happy Fourth of July!!!


Ronnica said...

Your favorite is getting so big! ;)

Brittania Garden Photoart said...

how fun! hope you guys have a great trip.

The Regina's said...

I wanna see you! :o(

Ronnica said...

Yes, I don't have a pink sunset room anymore. It was finally time for a change. Now my room is a grape cave. =)

We should get together. I have class the next two weeks in the morning...maybe we could do Chick-fil-a after on one of those days?