Belated Valentine's Day Post

I just realized that I never shared about our Valentine's Day
this year--
so better late than never-- here it is.

First, I must say that I happen to be married to the most sincerely romantic and fun-loving man on the planet so every day with him is special and memorable. He has this way of always making me feel treasured and cherished so while I appreciate Valentine's Day as a fun excuse to do something special for one another, I don't usually feel the day is needed for romance. :) But I do appreciate the day just the same.
And I certainly always enjoy Valentine's Day with my Husband.

Here's a quick snapshot from last year-- our first year as a married couple.

This year, Lance took me to Sullivan's Steakhouse in Downtown Raleigh. He gave me beautiful pale pink roses and we had a great night out together. Lance surprised me with a Valentine for me, one for Lucy and one from Lucy to her mommy. It was precious.

At Sullivan's, the food was fabulous and we really enjoyed the time together. All night long, we took note of the fact that this would be our last Valentine's Day just the two of us for at least 18 years. Although, there were at least 3 couples in the restaurant that night with small babies in carriers-- so that's somewhat encouraging-- it CAN be done. Anyway, we ate way too much, had way too much fun, and laughed way too loudly.

And here he is-- my date. Isn't he handsome?

And here we are, enjoying a night out on the town.


Brian said...

Cindy, you told me the other day at Target that you read my blog. Please excuse my bad manners, because I did not know you had a blog until this very moment! I have enjoyed reading and looking at pictures.

I'm still serious about coffee and getting my World Lit book back. =)


Brian said...

Ok, I'm signed in as Brian, I know that is confusing. It won't let me be myself.

Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie Not Brian