** Update: Thanks to those of you who gave me advice on how to fix my blog list issue. It turns out, that the "blog list" seems to be a fairly new feature and the list I had of blogs is on the old feature--not giving me the ability to change the information. I will be able to create a new Blog List using the new tool and then the features I want will appear. Thanks and Stay Tuned for a New and Improved Blog List!**

Okay... I'm going to show my ignorance here because I need help with something on my blog. I have tried to figure it out on my own, but to no avail.

And it will be amazing if I can actually describe what I'm trying to do. On the side of the blog, I have a listing of of blogs I frequently read (I forget what it's called) but I want to add the feature that allows me and my readers to see the most recent post of these blogs which I have listed. Several of my friends have this option enabled and I am not just sure what I'm doing wrong. For an example, click on the Sextons' Blog. (It's a lovely read.)

I'm sure this is a simple thing to fix and I don't mind one bit feeling a little silly after hearing that it is. I'm just frustrated that I haven't been able to figure it out myself. :)

In other news, Here's a photo tag for all of you.

I am a bit embarrassed what came out of the random search.

Okay so this picture is pretty self- explanatory. Silliness in Party City. Lance and I spent awhile trying on silly hats and disguises the day we got our marriage license. I'm not sure what brought us in there, but this picture was a result. yikes.

Here's How it Works:

1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.

2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.

3. Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes with the picture.

4. Tag 5 other people to do the same thing.

I'm tagging:
1. Courtney
2. Leah
3. Lance
4. Lindsey
5. Elaine


thesextonfamily said...

Thanks for the shout out! haha

Okay, sign in.
1.Blog Layout
2.Click edit next to "My Blog List"
3.There are several boxes you can check to customize your list. I have checked show "title of most recent post" and "date posted."

Hope that helps!

Ronnica said...

Now THAT picture's a winner. =)

Lindsey said...

looks like you got the answer you needed.. but if not just call me :)