Lucy's Best Seller List

Several people have recommended a certain Bible Story Book that they have had for their children and we decided to invest in it for our little one. The Jesus Storybook Bible begins with the very beginning of the Bible and goes through the stories of the Old Testament, pointing to the Cross and the Gospel. We recently received it in the mail and decided to begin reading it to her at night. So far, we are impressed with the quality of the book. And, it appears that Little Lucy likes it as well. The first night Lance began reading to her, she immediately began kicking and moving around the second he spoke. We were excited that he was finally able to feel her moving!!!

We have discussed for some time how we desire for our children to be well-read.Lance and I, love books. Our tiny little apartment is overrun with them but we cannot bear to box any up for fear that we will want to read one and it will be out of reach. Books are wonderful treasures. I have enjoyed reading books my entire life! And honestly, even as an adult, I admit that I love to read children's books. Lucy already has a little collection of books which we have accumulated for her. I admit I am a little selective when it comes to children's books... I have been strangely disappointed by the quality of some of the literature which is intended for young minds. I tend towards the classics and those stories which have actual literary substance. Many children's books of late seem to be crude and poorly constructed. I'm not opposed to new books at all, I honestly only rarely come across anything of real value published recently. I would like to list several rare treasures which have come about in the last few years.

1. The Olivia Books (Ian Falconer)
2. Angelina Ballerina Series (Katharine Holabird)
3. If you give a mouse a cookie (Laura Numeroff)
4. If you give pig a pancake (Laura Numeroff)
5. If you take a mouse to the movies (Laura Numeroff)
6. Click Clack Moo- Cows that Type

I also would like to mention some oldies but goodies:

Charlotte's Web
Little House Books
Anne of Green Gables (Can I get an Amen on this one?)
Chronicles of Narnia
Sarah, Plain and Tall
Beatrix Potter

Some of these book series are sweet and some are silly and some are both.. but they are all delightful! What are some of you or your children's favorite books?


Ashlee Davis said...

my mother n law is a retired children's librarian and she has a great list of children's books. She was so excited when my kids came along and bought so many, she keeps them at her house :P I will ask her to compile a list, would be nice to have from her.

Elaine said...

Don't forget about the children's author Beverly Cleary! She wrote some wonderful books about a dog named "Ribsy" and a girl named "Ramona", just to name a few. I think you will remember exactly what I am talking about....they were in the elementary school library at Trinity! :)

Dan said...

This is Casey Chappell, not dan. :o)
I love reading your blog. thanks for sharing your journey with us! Keep it up.

one of my sister's favorites was

and as she she grows a little the Value Tale books are amazing!

I still sing the songs that this series has in it!

when she's becoming a little lady ....
Betsy Tacy and Tib are great books for girls.

Ronnica said...

You're right about there not being much of quality in much of the recent books that come out. It's good to be picky!