A glimpse of our little family Christmas

               Since we were traveling during Christmas, we had a little family Christmas celebration a couple of nights before we went out of town.
       Mr. S made this amazing, (literally-we thought about it for dayyyyys) Steak Au Poivre. I'm so mad at myself that I did not take a photo of the delicious dinner.Then we read the Christmas Story from Luke 2 around the tree and opened a few gifts. This year, we gave Lu the "Say please Tea Set" and a cute floppy dog which she all but fell in love with in the store. Both were a huge hit; although the paper and tissue proved to be where the real excitement was. Big Surprise.

It took us a few days to share our Christmas memories, but here they are!

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Tara said...

She will play with that tea set for years to come! My Natalie still does!!!