Quick Yummy Dinner for a Very Chilly Night!!!

This is truly one of the favorites here in our little nest.
Homemade Sloppy Joes.

Now, those of you who have already cringed and quickly vowed never to read this blog again for fear of compromising your good taste, hear me out: these are not, I repeat NOT your childhood Sloppy Joes. They taste nothing like the slightly foul product that rhymes with "Sanwich." Yuck. These do not come in a can and thus, they do not taste like the come in a can. However, they are still rather quick to prepare.

Try 'em. You like 'em!

Super Sloppy Joes (Adapted from Rachel Ray)

1.25 lb. of Ground Turkey or Beef (I like to mix half and half to cut the fat.)
¼ cup of minced onion (fresh) or a few tbs. of dried minced onion
¼ cup of Brown Sugar
Montreal Steak Seasoning (or other steak seasoning)
1 Tbs. Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tbs. Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbs. Tomato Paste
2 Cups Tomato Sauce

      Brown the meat, seasoning to taste with steak seasoning and the onion.  As meat begins to be done, add brown sugar and allow it to caramelize. When meat is browned, add vinegar and Worcestershire and cook for 3-5 minutes.  Add tomato paste and sauce and cook until reduced and thickened a bit. Taste Sloppy Joe Mixture and see if it needs extra seasoning. (sometimes extra brown sugar is needed.)
We like it on lightly toasted buns of some kind and roasted potato wedges (recipe below)

Roasted Potato Wedges
* Glass 9x13 Dish (you may need more than one); spray with Pam
* Several Large baking potatoes
* Olive Oil
* Seasoned Salt; a few tablespoons of Flour
Cut Potatoes in wedges, lay wedges in dish. Drizzle liberally with olive oil and sprinkle lightly with flour, seasoned salt (to taste) breaking up any lumps of flour. (Also great to add sprinkled Parmesan cheese—in the green can—)
Cook on 425’ degrees until Potatoes are getting golden brown and crispy. If you use a glass dish, the potatoes will get brown on the bottom and you don’t have to flip them.

We serve all this with dill pickle slices and a stack of napkins!!! :)
(And of course, a nice tall glass of sweet tea!)

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