A little note to my little girl...

Dear Lu-
    Thank you for being such a constant source of joy in our lives. 
You daily remind us how good God is and how very blessed we are. 

    On the worst of days, when we are tempted to doubt His plan for our lives-- 
your happy giggle is a sweet bright spot at the end of the day. 
God has graciously given us you and we are honored to be your parents.

You cause us to reflect on all He has given and not on the fact
that He has not seen fit to give us a job just yet.

On the long days when I want nothing more than to rush ahead and quit my job to be your 
stay-at-home mommy-- you greet me at the door with a 100-watt smile and I realize
that I would rather spend three hours a day with you than none at all.

You are, in short, a beautiful treasure and we cherish you, little girl!


Pam said...

Beautiful letter to your precious girl (and love the Gymbo outfit too!) :)

BOWquet said...

aaww so sweet Cindy!

Caitlin L said...

I love this, what a wonderful legacy you're leaving for your daughter. And gorgeous picture!