Monday's "Must-Haves"

Today's must have is from Crate and Barrel-- which I absolutely love and will miss when ever we move elsewhere. They seem to carry many functional things-- many of which do not also carry a very high price tag. I once found small juice glasses for .75 cents a piece there-- so cute. We had four... now we have 2.  That will teach me to buy only just enough. :) Anyway, they were adorable with oranges etched on the side and the phrase, "squeeze me." Love them. But, I digress.

These Parker Mini Bowls are adorable and functional. They scream "springtime" and we have already put them to great use several times! I chose the Mimosa, Provence and Macaw for our little kitchen and we have used them for small servings of dessert, soup, snacks, even prep bowls for cooking! And at $3.95 a pop, they are an inexpensive little Spring upgrade for your table or kitchen! (BTW, they also carry a large 5-piece set of Parker mixing bowls, and if we had not too many bowls already, I would have seriously considered them as well. What can I say? I love dishes and serving-ware!)

I have to admit that in our current economic situation, both as a country and as a family, an item has to work on several levels to be considered a "must have." And still, the term is a bit of stretch. There are few "things (i.e. people)" that I must have and they are currently both sleeping peacefully. Never the less, I have thoroughly enjoyed my little bowls, and I think you might as well!

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