Here are a few somewhat random and not so related topics---
I've been a bit all over the place mentally lately, so this will certainly compliment that.

1. This post from the amazing Ann Voskamp. I cried from the fourth line until the very last. (Oh, yes. I did.)

Two lines that cut me right to the core (speaking about holding on to our "todays" and our little ones.)

"You don't get to keep. You get to witness.
You don't get always. You get Awe." 

and then, "And every milestone moment always forks, and you get to choose which road you'll go--bitter or blessed."

We've had a lot of uncertainty lately. Well, I say that. At the end of the day there really is no actual uncertainty. Just the quietness of God on particular matters. That can sometimes feel like uncertainty--but I don't really think it is. There is nothing uncertain about the major points of our future, only that we are safely in His care and whatever He brings to us, we hope He will sustain and guide us through.

2. This Album, Jesus Wants my Heart by Daniel Renstrom. I was introduced to his music while in school in NC, and he has recently come out with this album geared toward children. It's appropriately referred to as a "Family Worship Album" as it is NOT annoying. Seriously, we have had it in our car for days on end, and I'm not the least little bit tired of it. I can rarely say that about anything else geared toward kids--but the nature of this album is so uplifting for any age! He has a great, truly artistic style and he pairs that with wonderful theological truths. Go right on over to iTunes right now and sample the songs! (BTW, the whole album is only $8.99! Worth every penny!)

3.  Since we're talking about really weighty matters here, I will mention that tomorrow is a very important day. Tomorrow begins ten days of STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO HAPPY HOUR DAYS!!!!!! That's right, between the hours of 3pm and 5pm from May 3-12, you may get HALF PRICE frapps!!!! So, grab a friend! Grab your love! Grab one for your SELF!!!! There is talk of this new Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappuccino. Not sure what that's about except, okay it sounds all kinds of awesome!

Speaking of caramel. I tried to make some today for the first time. I needed some for these (which I am taking to a friend who had a baby) and the store was all out of caramels. So, I thought, well I can make this!!! Something happened, and now I have a jar of beautiful caramel sauce, which *may* have a slightly burnt aftertaste. I'm not sure what I did, except the obvious: I burned it.
I have a close friend, (and when I say close, I mean I would give her my right arm if she asked for it--and all the butter in my freezer which I 'm saving for the apocalypse!) her husband *allegedly* makes A-MAZING caramel. I say allegedly because I've never tried it. (SNIFF.) Perhaps next time we are together I can get a TUTORIAL!!!!

And for my mom, and anyone else who came for pictures of my girls---

Here they are! From a recent trip to visit family

For those who have come here in hopes of hearing a tale of a washing machine come back to life, sorry to disappoint you. It's still just a pretty space filler in my laundry room. But there has been progress. Meanwhile, my dishwasher still works. Thankful for that, as we seem to use it more than any other appliance!!!

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