Backyard BBQ Couples Shower

If you know my parents or my family at all, then you know that two of their favorite things are having people over for a party and cooking BBQ. My Dad is the grill-master of ALL grill-masters and my mom happens to be an amazing hostess, so when they decided to host an Backyard BBQ Couples Shower for my cousin, I immediately asked if I could plan and execute the decorations!

My mom and I were so happy with the way everything turned out and we really had a lot of fun. Most importantly, my cousin and his fiancee and their families had a great time!

Almost all of my ideas came from either Pinterest or Southern Living-esque publications-- here are a few pictures of the day:

 First things first, the iced coffee fairy arrived. (necessary to a successful party.)

My super talented Mother made individual home made pies in mini mason jars-- 
Peach, Blueberry, Apple and Cherry. So fun!

 We originally planned to rent a tent because of the heat, but I'm so glad we did--because of the ridiculous amount of rain that week! We used tablecloths similar to these but in yellow from Target, they were disposable but the looked and felt like cloth. With Burlap runners and Mason Jar (of course!) Flower Arrangements. 

See? Ominous Black Clouds would have really would have been a "damper" had we not had the tent. 

Quart Size Blue Jars for the Arrangements
(Jars: World Market)

 An Old Wagon lined with a small quilt was perfect for plates. It would be even cuter with real, mismatched china plates! 
Also, that chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby. I purchased Chalk Board Markers (also from Hobby Lobby) to write the menu and a cute saying on the other side. And guess what? The CB Marker will NOT come off. HA! FAIL. Guess who is going to be re-painting the chalkboard with chalkboard paint? Oh. Yeah. 

 Silverware buckets
(From Ikea)

Beverage Table. We served Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea and Lemonade and then had Ice and water bottles in a cooler underneath. Apparently I never got a picture of the table "finished." It was so cute with everyone drinking from Mason Jars though. Does anyone know I love Mason Jars? 
I do. I truly do. 
(Clear and Blue Mason jars from Amazon
Striped Straws from Target
Beverage Dispensers from SAms or Costco)

This is an old wheelbarrow which we were originally going to fill with ice and water bottles, but when it started to rain, we brought the presents in from that other picnic table and put a quilt under them. It turned out pretty cute. 

Cute little tags with ribbon for everything that needed explanation 
(Tags: Hobby Lobby)

And yes, I did take time for pie. Wouldn't you?  

I could not have done any of this without this girl. My mom and I were both so busy and I asked Courtney and Mike to come help me watch the girls and she ended up doing SO much more than that. She's a wonder I tell you!!! She REALLY alleviated my stress level. 
Everybody needs a friend like that. 

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Linda said...

Okay Cynthia, when you are not busy running around after two little girls, or cooking gourmet meals for Lance, you MUST be a professional party planner (with your mom and Courtney of course!). Adorable!