Today is FRIDAY!!!! And I am so thankful. I love fridays almost as much as I did when I was working outside the home... (almost.)

Friday means Saturday is just around the corner and that means you may be planning to make a nice, big, Saturday morning breakfast for your family. During the week we usually stick with Green Smoothies (either Green Monster of Tropical Green) and a piece of toast, so when the weekend comes-- we love a real brunch-type breakfast. What's that? You are unsure of what to make?? Ahh. I have ideas.

I have collected some of our "most favorited" breakfast recipes and I shall share them with you.  So you don't have to wake up and wade through Pinterest tomorrow (which, is fun too!) here are some of our recently tried and loved recipes for "Weekend Breakfasts."

They are exactly how they sound. We love them with fresh fruit on top, and if you happen to have a dollop of homemade whipped cream, by all means, do it!

These are a delicious alternative to something sweet. Once you cook the onion and the herbs together it makes an amazing combination with soft baked eggs. *This coming from someone who has never really loved soft baked eggs* But I think these are fantastic!

Now, Back to sweet stuff!!!

We watched Nigella makes these on a Summer-Themed episode and it was enough to run out and buy ricotta cheese and fresh berries. Eat them with crispy bacon. You won't be sorry. 

I've tried a lot of pancake recipes, this one is my favorite in the way of buttermilk pancakes. Yum!

Many people think Sausage Balls are more of an Appetizer food, which they totally can be, but I think they are great for breakfast! Great for a portable "on-the-go" breakfast or for a special occasion "balance out that french toast casserole" breakfast too. These are really good. The cream cheese makes them really special. 

Add a fresh fruit salad and maybe a slice or two of bacon, a cup of coffee (make mine ICED!!!) and you will be good to go!!!
Now, go work hard so you can feel good about splurging on breakfast tomorrow morning! 

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Linda said...

Great idea about the Cream Cheese Sausage Balls for brunch! Wish Emery weren't already in bed so we could run out for some Buttermilk and real whipping cream! I do think we will have to make pancakes and bacon though. Everything sounds so delicious. Thanks for all the ideas and recipes!