And we're back!!!

Funny Face-Offs!
The Poole's-- still newlyweds!!

An impromptu picture of some of the Blythe's: my dad, Lance, my brother Daniel, Ava, Deanna and Elayna!

It's amazing how funny something like Bubble wrap on your foot is. :)

Uncle Lance needed to be helped to smile!!

Fourth of July Fun!!!

We had a wonderful time in Florida this past weekend. We spent several days with family and were even able to have a couple of quick visits with a few friends. The time went by way too quickly as usual and I'm already a little homesick. Also, my camera battery had a convenient habit of dying on a regular basis while we were there so there are limited pictures. I don't have any of the actual 4th for that reason, which is a shame because all my nieces and nephews were around and were so very fun and cute! They are all getting so big and sadly, it makes me realize how much I am missing of their lives. Then again, I know we are where we should be. Oh, if I could be two places at once, I think I would. I'm already looking forward to the next time, which may just be Thanksgiving. Our lives our full of rich blessing in NC, but we sure love and miss our families on a regular basis.

Sweet Deanna reading with Uncle Lance.. she is such a big girl now!!

A quick visit with Heidi--- always a pleasure. We went to Cracker Barrel and Publix Grocery Store.. Two of our favorite things!!!

Dinner at Barbara Jeans' on the Intercoastal in Ponte Vedra Beach with Lauren and Jamey-- so fun!!!

A Nighttime stroll on the beach--- until the fireworks started-- and by fireworks I mean huge streaks of lightening and thunder.

Ava and Grammy (Their excited faces!)

ME and two of my girls!!

I'm not sure what was happening in this picture-- but Lance does not look happy or comfortable. They love him as he is like a big tall jungle gym!

Painting Time!

Ava and Me..

So mom had just taken Deanna's hair down from Braids.. this explains why she looks like a baby lion. so cute!!!!

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