Birthday Festivities...

A weekend full of birthday fun!!!

Joe and Leah had us over for an authentic New Orleans Seafood Boil! We had pounds and pounds of Crab Legs, Shrimp and Corn and Potatoes! Mike and Courtney came from Chapel Hill and we had a fabulous time! We ate and ate and ate!!! Then we played Bocce Ball and then we all sat around and drank coffee and ate Hummingbird Cake! YUM YUM! Thank you so much FRIENDS!!!!

Makin' a Wish!!

The day after the Seafood Boil we went to see Batman at the Imax and then went to Shane's Rib Shack! Again, we ate good food and had lots of fun!

Little Joey in his "Party Shirt"

I LOVE this Guy!!!

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Ashlee Davis said...

i need to be able to keep in touch with courtney :) Is she online anywhere lol