Mamma Mia, Here I go again...

"Cynthia Stuckey, Welcome to your Late Twenties."

That's right blogging family, it is time for another birthday. On Monday, I entered into the sphere of "late twenties"--- The next milestone birthday is ahem.. 3-0. WOW. But, I must admit, this was one of my favorite birthdays. Seriously, this was my first birthday as a Stuckey and my sweet husband bent over backward for several days to make me feel so very special! I honestly cannot remember a more fun birthday since the Little Mermaid Birthday Sleepover Extravaganza many many moons ago. Although, this particular birthday was a bit less "Disney Princess" and a little more grown-up. Which isn't a bad thing at all. :)

I made myself a 3-layer Fresh Lime Chiffon Cake and I had a lot of fun doing it. Which is pretty surprising. For someone who sees cooking as the quintessential purpose of having a kitchen, I must confess that baking often stresses me out. Honestly, for those of you who do not believe me, ask Lance. He has talked me down from the culinary cliff's edge, many a time. This particular time, Leah came over and she and Joey watched me and gave much appreciated assistance in the cake baking process. So between Lance, Leah, Joey and these fabulous new Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Cake pans that my wonderful mom gave me as a birthday gift, the cake was a yummy, limey, success. YAY!

On my actual birthday, Lance and I had a lovely dinner at Maggiano's (Thanks for the gift card, Evan and Christi!) It was simply amazing. We ate way too much and even brought leftovers home for the next day. I love this particular restaurant because they do everything with excellence but they are not snooty. :)

The World's Best Creme Brulee. Oh my Word.
If it had not been my birthday, this picture would be slightly embarrassing.
However, please note the 2 spoons. I did not do this on my own.

Very Full, Very happy Stuckeys

Displaying my new Apron and Potholders, also courtesy of my Mama. :) She's got style!

Courtney and Michael Sexton. They are such good friends to us.. and a very cute couple, don't you think? :)

Soooo, the only candles I could find were the 2 and the 5 from last year, that somehow did not get used.. so we added one more to make 26. :) And, we finally got to get our Crystal Cake plate out of the, "we know we wanted to get this from our registry, but we don't have room for it right now in our small apartment" closet!!!

Me and my little buddy Joey. He is such a doll.
(P.S. I'm not really this Ghostly White color.. must be the flash.)

Courtney and Cindy

So all in all, it was a very good couple of days, Lance took me to see Mamma Mia on Saturday afternoon-- and it was really fun! Monday began with a fabulous breakfast with my lovely work ladies! Linda made Monkey Bread like I have never had before and we all sat around and welcomed the day with breakfast and coffee and monkey bread and fruit!!! It was truly a treat! Thank you all sweet friends and co-workers! And then--I had a virtual car picnic with Heidi all the way from Florida to celebrate-- which was a treat as well! We sat in our respective cars and ate ChickFila and talked on the phone just like we were in the same car together!
I received many calls and cards from Family and Friends and I was certainly reminded of how blessed Lance and I are to be loved by so many wonderful people! Thank you all so much!!!

P.S. Lance's birthday is just 'round the corner, so I intend to post about how HE was made the center of attention, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Ronnica said...

When I first saw the cake with the "25" on it I thought, "Am I really only 24?" Thanks for clarifying!

Conner Cutoff said...

happy birthday !

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Cindy Lou! So sad I missed it but I have a birthday hug waiting for you when I see you next :)

Lauren said...

I totally miss you after seeing the pics of your bday! = ( And I'm in the same boat as Ronnica... I questioned my age when I saw your candles.

"Oh please, please tell me I'm really only turning 26 next month..."