Favorite Things Party

A couple of months ago, I hosted a "Favorite Things" party for the women in our small group. If you aren't familiar with a "Favorite Things" party, it is a relatively new idea and so much fun!

Basically, when you invite everyone to come you ask them to think of one of their favorite $6.00 items and bring THREE of that item. They bring them to your house unwrapped and then you do a fun gift swap in which everyone leaves with three new, different items to try.

Everyone also brought either an appetizer or a dessert. (What's a party without fun food, right?)

 Right as everyone came in, there was a table with these buckets. The one on the right was for door prizes, so they added their names once. The one on the left was for the actual favorite things so they added their names three times. Once the party began, I dumped the one on the left into a gift bag and passed it around. Everyone drew three names, (no duplicates and they couldn't draw their own name.) and then those three people got one of their item. As we went around the room, each person explained why they brought the item they did and handed it out to the three names they drew. It was a little confusing at first, but it was so fun once we got the hang of it. 

 I had a table set up for everyone's items to be displayed on. These ladies brought some really great items! Bath & Body items, Downy Unstoppables, Nail Items, Fun Lip Balms, Cups, Etc. I brought rolls of Chevron Burlap from Hobby Lobby, (upper right corner.) So fun! 

 I made these bags ahead of time for everyone to take home with their items in them. I got the free printable card from (where else?!) Pinterest and attached it with colored ribbons. 

We had several soda and tea choices and no one even touched them because they loved the Spa Water! I added gallons of water, plus some ice, and sliced oranges, lemons and limes and a few strawberries. I will definitely do this again. 

And fun napkins-- a must for a party with ladies! 

 I made this sign in photoshop and framed it for decoration

And THIS is one of the items I received.. EOS Organic Lip Balm--- I had seen it before but never tried it, and all I can say is WOW. This is the Sweet Mint kind. I love that it is in the ball shape, because I never lose it in my purse. So, thanks Kelly--who thought to bring this as her favorite thing! 

I also received two other things I love, 
One was this Stir and Sip cup by Copco-- it is perfect for Iced Coffee (ask me how I know.) and also Ice Water! I love that the straw is a stir-er as well. Two months later, I still love it!

I also got this combination of Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate and this sweet little bird, who immediately took up residence in my kitchen window. (LOVE BOTH!)

I *HIGHLY* recommend hosting a Favorite Things party with your friends, female family members, or whoever! It was so fun and I think we will definitely do it again in the Fall! If you want more info, just look up Favorite Things Party on Pinterest!


Just the 3 of us said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! I so want to do it one day :)

Ambie Keen said...

I've never heard of this kind of party, but LOVE the idea!!

Am certain you were a lovely host - what a lucky group of ladies!

C.L. said...

What a fun idea! I LOVE throwing parties and have run out of ideas and will definitely do this!

Linda said...

What a great idea and you made it so special with your little touches. That spa water looks amazing! Love all the favorite things. Really made me think about the little things I love and what I would bring!! I want someone in this area to throw one of those parties!