Monday Morning Mayhem

Okay, so there's actually no mayhem. It's only 8am! But, being brought up baptist, I know the power of  good alliteration.

       We love a good Monday around this house. Not as much as a Friday, but still. Monday is known here as "Reset Monday." The idea originally came from Amy's post here over at Amy's Finer Things. It really inspired me, and we have referred to Monday as "the day we press reset" ever since. There's something so fresh and hopeful about Mondays. No matter what pile of laundry you've left undone in order to play with your family; that sink half full of dishes you really should have completed but ignored in favor of sitting on the couch with your husband; the amount of times you ate dessert; WHATEVER it is, is waiting to be redeemed on Monday. Truth be told, I even loved Mondays when I was working. Seriously. Of course, Sunday nights once the sun went down, I loathed the thought of getting up and leaving my baby at home. But by Monday morning, once I got to work and got in the groove, I loved the prospect of a new week.

And as the great Anne Shirley (or rather, L.M. Montgomery) said,

(photo from Teaching Literacy, via Pinterest)

How was your weekend? We had a supremely relaxing weekend. It rained most of the day Saturday and Sunday-- as it did for you too I'm sure. Saturday morning we got up early and went to a local strawberry farm and picked 2 gallons of berries. (So yes, I'm trying to get up the motivation to make jam in the next day or so!) 

It was chilly and we picked spring berries wearing jackets and and long pants, but it was so nice. After a quick stop by the store, we spent the remainder of the day at home, relaxing. I cannot remember when this has happened recently. The kids took great naps and Lance and I lounged around and watched golf (well, he did. :) and mid-way through being totally chilled, a supreme feeling of panic overtook me as I realized that a mere two weeks away was Lucy's 4th birthday party. We planned it a week early this week, because of Memorial Day so.. it's coming right up. I don't even want to think about her turning FOUR. *Living in Denial*

So I jumped off the couch and ran out to Hobby Lobby while the kids were napping. (Our hobby lobby may be in the same parking lot as a Starbucks. They may have been having Frap. Happy Hour. I may have purchased one for a mere 2 dollars. I may feel the need to stay far away from there for the next couple of weeks until Happy Hour Days are over.)

Sunday we celebrated Cinco de Mayo by grilling fajitas and making Tres Leches Cake ala Pioneer Woman. (So yes, working out, on my Monday to do list.)

OH! Before I forget, one of my FAVORITE books is free on Amazon Kindle right now. If you have a kindle, snatch it up!!! I have the hard copy and love it. If you are a mom, have a mom, know a mom, or want to be a mom someday, you should read this book. It's so funny and poignant all at the same time. And I just love Melanie Shankle. And you will too after you read this book! If you don't have a kindle (like me!) it is also available in paperback and very reasonably priced at most local bookstores, including Lifeway and some Sam's Clubs
(photo courtesy of the Big Mama Blog)

Here's her BLOG 
And here is a link to the video promo of the book.

Now, I'm off to plan a tea party for this little one, who was born like... 5 minutes ago.

 Speaking of Strawberry Picking, here I am FOUR years ago this week, doing the very same thing!!!

 Baby Lucy ready to pop!

3 days old and ready to go home!

We are so blessed.

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