Happy Birthday to the Court-ster!

She's been by my side through some of my best (and worst) moments.

We have almost always lived in the same town since we were small children.

After high school, we both found ourselves at the same college in beautiful NC.

She made me many a bowl of oatmeal when we were both broke college students, and somehow made it taste like a 5 star brunch.

During/ After college, we watched each other meet, date and marry our husbands.

She was there when I found my wedding dress.

We gladly donned bridesmaids dresses and watched the other become a wife.

Soon after, our husbands got on board and also became best friends.

We lived 5 and then 30 minutes apart during our respective first years of marriage and spent many weekends eating good food and loving life!

She was there the night Lucy was born. She came back the next night and the night after that.

She brought me her classic chicken and rice casserole and sweet tea to help me in the throes of a nasty bout with PPD when Lucy was only a few weeks old. (Is there anything better than your best friends and comfort food when you're sad?)

She helped us move. They actually followed us to Augusta and helped us move in. She helped me set up my kitchen while I stood back and thanked God for such a blessing.

She and her love moved back to our home state around the time we moved to Georgia, thus solidifying several years of frequent visits!

She was with me the day I found out I was pregnant with Abby.

We've shared a love for Le Creuset, travel, relaxing with our loves, cooking good food, making our houses homes, Mason Jars, Anne of Green Gables, Friends, good music, and great coffee.

I HONESTLY don't know where I'd be without her and SHE TURNS THIRTY TODAY!!!!!!!

Welcome to the club, Courtney! I love you and am so honored to call you part of my adopted family.

(Courtney, don't be mad. I HAD to post these pictures. Are you mad?! Love me!)


a girl and her love said...

I love ALL of the pictures! In fact, I believe I am STILL waiting for most of them to be emailed to me so I can print and decorate my house with them!

Thank you for being my constant and kindred spirit.

I love you so much, friend. And here's to what looks to be the most exciting and fun years of our life- still ahead!!

(And I resent 30 being called the old club. I am determined the 30's will be AWESOME!)

Just the 3 of us said...

She is truly one of a KIND and has always been there for me! She was truly my rock during my darkest times and i will ALWAYS be grateful for that. She is so super awesome!